Aug 09 2014

Marijuana Stock Wrapup, August 2014

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Marijuana Index chart for the 6 months ending 2014-08-09

Marijuana Index chart for the 6 months ending 2014-08-09

A couple of years ago I created an index of the marijuana stocks that were trading at the time of the election, about $100 worth of each purchased October 1, 2012 for a total cost of $1,451.25. All but one of them were selling for less than a dollar, for much less than a dollar.

Marijuana Index as of 2014-08-09

Marijuana Index as of 2014-08-09

There are a couple I didn’t include because they were such obvious jokes.

Cannabis Index chart for 6 months ending 2014-08-09

Cannabis Index chart for 6 months ending 2014-08-09

Rapid Fire Marketing (RFMK) was one such joke which I did include because it was associated with Cheryl Shuman, who subsequently surprised nobody that had been paying attention when she engineered a hostile takeover of the grassroots organization Moms for Marijuana, alienating the rank and file, most of whom quit in disgust or were tossed out for questioning her methods. The entire Board of Directors resigned as well.

Cannabis Index as of 2014-08-09

Cannabis Index as of 2014-08-09

Notably not included was CANA (General Cannabis, formerly LC Luxuries Limited), the stock symbol for Justin Hartfield’s Weedmaps, which sold consistently for $4, and then plummeted as Hartfield ruthlessly diluted it and then sold it to SearchCore (SRER).

SearchCore subsequently sold Weedmaps to RMJ BV, a private Dutch company, with the provision that SearchCore retained sole right to use the application for anything except marijuana, and the private Dutch company could use it only for marijuana. So, the people who invested in Hartfield in order to invest in marijuana got royally screwed.

SearchCore stock is now selling for a nickel ($0.058), if you can find anyone to buy it. And Hartfield, the man who in 2009 told the Wall Street Journal that medical marijuana is a “farce”, is today treasurer of NORML.

(The penny-stock currently trading under the symbol CANA (Cannabis-RX) is not the same people or business. It is a real-estate scheme.)
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Dec 21 2013

Notes on Cannabis Policy Reform Act 2014

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On Thursday, December 19th, Ed Rosenthal announced on Facebook the filing of his Cannabis Policy Reform Act.  This was just over a week after a Field Poll announced on December 10th that a greater percentage of California voters (56%) would vote for the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative than supported legalizing marijuana (55%).

My initial reaction bordered on outrage:

You people whine and bleat about “unity”, but all you do is divide, divide, divide. You said you weren’t going to run an initiative this year, until you saw the Jack Herer initiative had a good chance, so then you come along and decide you and your deep pockets will blow his initiative out of the water.

If you were really about legalization you would be helping to get CCHI 2014 on the ballot rather than competing with it. Asshole.

It appears I wasn’t alone.  Pebbles Trippet summed it all up nicely:

Each one undercutting the others means none of them will get anywhere.

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Jun 25 2012

Letitia Pepper sums up what is wrong with California AB 2312

From: Letitia Pepper

Subject: Why AB 2312 Is Unconstitutional Under Prop. 215, and Bad for the Local Economy


Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 6:38 AM

Please pass the following concerns about AB 2312 on to the members of the Senate. Thank you.

I have been an attorney for not quite 30 years, during much of which time I worked for appellate court justices analyzing cases and legislation from a neutral perspective.

I have been a medical marijuana patient (for MS) for about five years.

I am also the Director of Legal and Legislative Analysis for Crusaders for Patients Rights, a non-profit corporation based in Sacramento, CA that supports people legally using cannabis as medicine.

I am opposed to AB 2312, which purports to turn the individual rights held by individual patients under Prop. 215, who have the right to collectively organize, pursuant to the state and constitutional right to freedom of association, into a right that can be held by a limited number of entities.  It also purports to allow local governments to ban collectives and to tax cannabis. These provisions are all clearly contrary to Prop. 215, and will lead to litigation, which the State will lose, based on Prop. 215’s status, as a People-enacted initiative, as controlling over contrary legislation by the People’s elected officials.

I am also opposed to all efforts to tax cannabis as medicine, which is the only legal use of cannabis allowed under state and federal law.

While some people may be smirking about using the medical marijuana laws to use cannabis “recreationally,” their deceptions have nothing to do with the only actual legal use of cannabis — as medicine. People get doctors to write prescriptions for prescription drugs which they are actually using “recreationally,” yet no one is trying to tax prescription medications as a consequence. No more should the presence of recreational users among the flocks of patients be used as justification for taxing cannabis.

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Jun 25 2012

Pebbles Trippet comes out against California AB 2312

Pebbles Trippet of the Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board sent the following release 25 Jun 2012, courtesy of Donna Lambert:

From: Pebbles Trippet

To: Bill Gage <>

Cc: Info at Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board <>; Americans for Safe Access Safe Access <>; Cailfornia NORML Gieringer <>; Drug Policy Fdtn Fdtn <>; MCN ListServes <>; Save Cannabis Cannabis <>; Mickey Martin <>; Robert Sutherland <>; C Aanastad <>

Sent: Monday, June 25, 2012 4:31 AM

Subject: [Save Cannabis] AB 2312 opposition statement from Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board

To: Senators on the Businesses, Professions and Economic Development Committee (916) 324-0917 fax

From: Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board (MMMAB) /

Re: Medical Marijuana Regulation / California Assembly Bill 2312 under consideration June 25, 2012 by the Senate Committee.

Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board is opposed to Assembly Bill 2312 as currently written, especially in the following areas:
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