May 29 2007

Help those who have hope

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That was a quote from an article about the homeless in San Francisco. I found it while searching for something else a couple of days ago. I didn’t read the article, but just scanned enough to ascertain that it wasn’t what I was looking for. But that jumped out at me because it sums up, Continue reading →

Apr 24 2007


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I’ve been hearing that all my life. And there’s always been someone who thinks its their destiny to do something about it. I sleep on the concrete, in my clothes (which I haven’t changed for days). My life is a miserable wreck. I am harassed constantly, and informed every time I turn around that nobody Continue reading →

Jan 13 2006

Tough Love is abuse disguised as compassion.

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I only got 4 days on the church group (after staying in a motel for nearly a month) before Ron told me I had to “go to the armory”. This was after I’d arrived at the Concentration Camp about 2pm, and STOOD for nearly an hour to be in line and sign up at 3pm. Continue reading →

Jul 11 2005

The Poor House

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I’ve been able to sleep indoors since the last message. The Supreme Court ruled against freedom and inalienable rights and struck down the injunction against federal raids of medical marijuana patients and providers. It was 6 to 3, with the so-called liberal judges in the majority, and upholding the Controlled Substances Act. Sandra Day O’Conner Continue reading →