Mar 25 2008


I became housed March 10th, 2008. I wouldn’t call it a home. It will never be a home. But it’s a Hell of a lot better than sleeping on the sidewalk. Manthri Srinith, a local business owner, fronted me the money. He even walked over to the office here at the residence motel and gave Continue reading →

Feb 29 2008

More of the same

I see I almost let February get by without posting. It’s been pretty much the same old grind; sleeping on the concrete. Heather had me over to clean up and gave me a blanket. The blanket was stolen about a week later, while I was sleeping. I went to sleep with it spread over the Continue reading →

Jan 25 2008

A Cold Day in Hail

Shortly after my I posted about being thrown out in the storm, Manthri, owner of LuLu’s offered to front me money for a place. This was upon urging by RadicalFanatical, one of the Sentinel Forum participants, to apply for a room at The Palomar. They stated they had called and and been told I could Continue reading →

Aug 06 2007

Hack Attack

Posted by J. Craig Canada in james, laptop, lulu carpenter's

It’ll be two weeks Thurday that my computer has been disabled. The trouble began when I plugged into an electrical outlet sprouting out of a flower bed next to LuLu’s next to the museum. I got a series of messages saying something about a bad date and ‘file name truncated’. It created a new user, Continue reading →