Dec 28 2006

Hell Month

I see it’s been a month since I’ve published a post here. I started one or two, but didn’t finish them. Best I can remember, I’ve had about a dozen or more confrontations with the police, been taken somewhere twice (one to the jail – but not booked, and once to the psych ward, where Continue reading →

Mar 01 2006

Stormy Monday

Well, it’s been storming the past couple of days and I spent every cent I could beg and borrow to get a room. And I listened to the show Robert Norse recorded with me Sunday. I didn’t get there until he was already 2 1/2 hours into the show. It took me nearly two hours Continue reading →

Feb 25 2006

Down to the seeds and stems…

In Tales of The City ‘Baby Cakes’ at one point says, “I’m down to the seeds and stems…” Well, I know the feeling. The forecast is for rain for about 3 days starting tomorrow or the next day, and I’m flat broke and my credit is extended to the max. I can’t afford a motel Continue reading →