May 18 2012

Attacked and beaten

I was beaten up in the lobby of the building where I live by patrons coming out of the Palomar restaurant on 28 Apr 2012 about 7:30pm. I did not go to the hospital or file charges because the police told me, in the presence of the mayor, that I could not have my medicine (marijuana) there or at the hospital.

Feb 02 2010

Medical marijuana and Jim Crow

Across the country hate speech about marijuana and medical marijuana is not just fashionable, it is the law.

While prominent examples abound, perhaps the most glaring is the resurrection of Jim Crow in Los Angeles through regulations that essentially entrap every single dispensary in the city.

Sep 27 2009

WAMMFest incident videos

Posted by J. Craig Canada in downtown ordinances, Smoking & Public Use, wamm

Pretty much all of my writing for the past several months has been on Click on the title of my previous blog entry for a list of my most recent articles. WAMM has an annual fundraiser in the park for years now. Several years ago the city banned smoking in the park. Last year Continue reading →

Feb 06 2009

Santa Cruz Tightens the Screws or Sentience Challenged at The Sentinel

Well, since the last post the City Council has gone forward with more ordinances, such as making it illegal to sit on a bench for more than an hour. At issue are seven proposed measures that would restrict panhandling around public art and directories; limit time on public benches to one hour; stop the sale Continue reading →