May 27 2010

Demand For Payment

Posted by J. Craig Canada in buds of wrath, Medical Marijuana, mike boutin, motels, tickets

Writing is not easy for me.  It is an arduous, time consuming avocation. When I write an article, I generally don’t do anything else until it’s finished.  Most articles take several days.  Some take a week or longer. I began the previous blog entry over a month before I finished it.  Other than a couple Continue reading →

Feb 25 2006

Down to the seeds and stems…

In Tales of The City ‘Baby Cakes’ at one point says, “I’m down to the seeds and stems…” Well, I know the feeling. The forecast is for rain for about 3 days starting tomorrow or the next day, and I’m flat broke and my credit is extended to the max. I can’t afford a motel Continue reading →