May 18 2012

Attacked and beaten

I was beaten up in the lobby of the building where I live by patrons coming out of the Palomar restaurant on 28 Apr 2012 about 7:30pm. I did not go to the hospital or file charges because the police told me, in the presence of the mayor, that I could not have my medicine (marijuana) there or at the hospital.

Jun 09 2011

Taking stock

Well, my teeth are fixed, I know what I have and I don’t have, my life is all sorted out, my past neatly filed and packed away, so I suppose, as much as I dread it, it’s time to get back to writing one scathing diatribe after another on the leadership of the marijuana movement and where they’re taking it.

Jun 01 2010

Prospects good for Santa Cruz chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

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May 27 2010

Demand For Payment

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Writing is not easy for me.  It is an arduous, time consuming avocation. When I write an article, I generally don’t do anything else until it’s finished.  Most articles take several days.  Some take a week or longer. I began the previous blog entry over a month before I finished it.  Other than a couple Continue reading →