Aug 19 2007

From Sea to Shining Sea

HUFF et al have had a demonstration against the sleeping ban on the lawn of city hall. It began Sunday night and ended Saturday morning when a number of police confronted them, ticketed some, and broke everything up. What they will do now is any one’s guess. On my way to the library this morning Continue reading →

Jul 04 2007

Enemy of the State

Posted by J. Craig Canada in AIDS, Alabama, Employment & Housing, San Francisco, tickets, trial

Friday I go on trial. I suppose the court will claim the victim of my crime is the People of California. I will end up in jail before it’s over. That has been a fact from the beginning. My crime? Sleeping. I’ve been an enemy of the state all my life, virtually from the day Continue reading →

Jun 08 2007

Free Parking

Even in Monopoly there’s free parking. At least the way we used to play it. And all the money from any fines or penalties went into the middle of the board. And if you landed on “Free Parking”, you got all the money in the middle. It was like winning the lottery. And it could Continue reading →

Jan 24 2007

Why I admire Loretta Nall

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Alabama, loretta nall, websites

I haven’t posted in a while, and this really wasn’t intended to be a record of my personal misery. On the other hand, I do think people should know the carnage that is the result of this insane Drug War. I’ve been posting quite a bit lately on the local newspaper’s website. Here is a Continue reading →