Jan 19 2010

New Jersey delivers crushing defeat for medical marijuana

New Jersey’s medical marijuana law, by excluding pain and psychiatric conditions, will impact about 4% of New Jersey’s medical marijuana patients. In other words, about 96% of New Jersey’s medical marijuana patients got screwed. That is a crushing defeat.

Jul 20 2009

Tax Prozac, not medical marijuana

In 2001, according to Hollywood today the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the Fortune 500 had profits in excess of the other 490 companies, the majority of this profit being from the SSRIs and the SNRIs.

The average net return for these ten pharmaceutical companies was 18.5% of sales, 16.3% of assets, and 33.2% of shareholders’ equity. The median net return for all other 490 industries in the Fortune 500 was only 3.3% of sales.

Jul 06 2009

Medical marijuana and psychiatric conditions

Even though about 30% of medical marijuana patients in California use it for depression and other psychiatric conditions, no other state has approved the use of cannabis for depression. In 1998 JAMA published a study which announced that pharmaceuticals, as prescribed, were the fourth leading cause of death in America.

Dec 18 2008

1.5 Million Maniacs Waiting To Explode

Posted by J. Craig Canada in addiction, side effects

Well, the election’s been over for a while now. I came in last with about 2,000 votes out of ten candidates, about 200 votes behind next-to-last. I had about 1,600 votes from the mail-in ballots, and was next to last, but lost ground when the precincts were counted. All the charges against me have now Continue reading →