Aug 09 2014

Marijuana Stock Wrapup, August 2014

Posted by J. Craig Canada in business, cheryl shuman, justin hartfield

One thing to note about these marijuana stock indexes (or portfolios) is that while they’re showing significant losses over the past 6 months, they’re showing a good increase from their beginnings.

Jun 26 2011

Barnkey Frank & Ron Paul pitch HR 2306

Barney Frank & Ron Paul introduce legislation that would reschedule or remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act schedule. Is the national strategy putting patients back on the firing line? The Big Lie, Proposition 19 was not legalization.

Mar 16 2010

Disgusted and Discouraged

Between June of last year and November 27th, I published 40 articles on regarding medical marijuana and the movement. During this time I also connected with a number of people prominent in The Movement through Facebook. Some of them old friends. Then, about December, underwent administrative changes. They were delisted from the Google Continue reading →