Jun 04 2012

California Assembly Bill 2312 is a fraud and so is Americans For Safe Access

It appears the result of the Americans for Safe Access lobby at the capital was to double the sin tax a county can charge patients from 2.5% to 5% and to remove the requirement for a vote of the people in order to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in jurisdictions of over 50,000.

Aug 14 2011

Paul Stanford and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012

Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Oregon discusses his history as a marijuana legalization activist, beginning with becoming the NORML coordinator for Washington State in 1982, his association with Jack Herer beginning in 1984, the current state of medical marijuana and the movement in Oregon, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012.

Jul 03 2011

Obama celebrates Independence Day by declaring war on medical marijuana

Robert Corey states NORML endorsed hunting season on medical marijuana patients at Cannabis Therapy Institute Panel in Colorado. Canada makes it illegal for patients to grow their own and evicts medical marijuana patients from public housing after Mernagh decision declaring government restrictions unconstitutional. Patients told they are banned from subsidized housing in Oregon. Montana judge blocks parts of Montana law.

Jun 19 2011

One toke over the line

Lawrence Welk declares One Toke Over The Line a modern spiritual. Moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. Fed up with NORML & MPP. The dirt on Kubby.