Aug 06 2008

Trial by Dunking

“Family lore has it that Katharn was “tried by ordeal” with the dunking stool, and that she was acquited because she obligingly died in witness to her innocence. Some kind of heresy was supposedly the charge. The following year, Richard Garner brought their four-year-old son to Farrar’s Island in Virginia.” She was my 10th ggrandmother Continue reading →

Aug 05 2008

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Posted by J. Craig Canada in robert norse, trial

In about an hour I am to be sentenced for peeing in public. It’s not something I would ordinarily do, but something I was forced to do, not just once, but on a daily basis by the meanness and cruelty that is a daily and ongoing experience for the poor and unfortunate here in Compassion Continue reading →

Jul 06 2008


It appears I’ve been double-crossed for Independence Day here in Compassion Central. You see, when I went to court last Wednesday expecting to either be arraigned or begin another trial, my lawyer said the D.A. was willing to drop both charges and she ‘advised’ me to take the deal. Now, I’d written previously on Weedtracker Continue reading →

Jul 01 2008

Hang tight

My first of several trials ended Wednesday with a hung jury. It started Monday and the Jury deliberated longer than the trial. It is my understand we start over from square one this coming Wednesday, just in time for the Fourth of July. After that I have another jury trial for marijuana possession. And after Continue reading →