Jul 24 2011

Are NORML, MPP, and DPA leading us astray?

Gay roots of medical marijuana movement. Are national organizations really about legalization? Robert Corey proclaims NORML declared hunting season on patients in Colorado, while DPA encourages other states to copy New Jersey’s law. PTSD study announced while antipsychotics, which don’t work, become the top-selling class of drugs in the US.

Jul 03 2011

Obama celebrates Independence Day by declaring war on medical marijuana

Robert Corey states NORML endorsed hunting season on medical marijuana patients at Cannabis Therapy Institute Panel in Colorado. Canada makes it illegal for patients to grow their own and evicts medical marijuana patients from public housing after Mernagh decision declaring government restrictions unconstitutional. Patients told they are banned from subsidized housing in Oregon. Montana judge blocks parts of Montana law.

Jul 03 2011

Notes on Cannabis Therapy Institute Conference Denver

“Legislators see NORML as speaking for our entire movement and if that were the case before that is no longer the case with the defeat of this 1261 bill. Not even close. This is a supposedly pro-marijuana organization endorsing a hunting season on medical marijuana patients.”