Aug 07 2011

La Femme D’Argent

All charges against Dennis Peron dismissed Wednesday, August 3rd, one year after the raid. FBI investigation of officers involved continues. Highest radiation levels yet recently detected at Fukushima while government deploys smoke screen. After beginning signature drive, Kubby announces reduction of personal grow limit from 25 to 12 plants.

Apr 10 2011

Take a Memo

The Haag Memo, The Ogden Memo. Montana legislature to repeal medical marijuana. Prop. 19, taxes, and moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. CBIS announces cure of basal cell carcinoma.

Apr 03 2011

Taking the ‘medical’ out of marijuana

MJNA up 400%. California NORML ‘Next Steps’ conference Los Angeles: Dale Sky Clare Jones claims the proponents of Prop. 19 had nothing to do with taxing medicine.

Oct 30 2010

The real debate over California’s Proposition 19

The real debate over California’s marijuana initiative: will it effect California’s current medical marijuana law. Video’s of the Prop. 19 debate at HempCon in Los Angeles. Bill Panzer’s 11th hour email regarding Proposition 19.