Aug 14 2011

Paul Stanford and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012

Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Oregon discusses his history as a marijuana legalization activist, beginning with becoming the NORML coordinator for Washington State in 1982, his association with Jack Herer beginning in 1984, the current state of medical marijuana and the movement in Oregon, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012.

Jun 05 2011

Dennis Peron and The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative

Officers involved in raid on Dennis Peron under investigation. The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative amended. Paul Stanford cops plea. Undermining the moral highground: the 1st thing NORML and MPP did after Prop. 215 was to give the government the authority to decide who is a legal medical marijuana patient. The prevailing medical paradigm is broken.

Mar 20 2011

Phytoremediation, raids, taxes, and yellow journalism

Phytoremediation. Raids in Montana, San Jose, and West Hollywood. Obama releases housing memo. Paul Stanford, Steve DeAngelo, and Lynette Shaw have tax problems. Mike Boutin release Grace Farm pilot.