Jul 08 2007

Not Guilty

That was the verdict on all four counts of sleeping. I didn’t feel very victorious and I suspect that the fact that the ACLU was going to jump on it if I lost had a lot to do with the outcome; that it was a simple cost-benefit analysis. A number of people showed up, which Continue reading →

Jun 03 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in kate wells, motels, robert norse, tickets, trial

I got a motel room Tuesday, and mostly slept until the hearing on Friday. It took all day Wednesday to get medicine, get my mail, and go to my storage. I got the scanner and the photos and carted them to the motel room, only to discover the photo of Lewis Patterson Allred & family Continue reading →

Apr 07 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in greenway, kate wells, motels, robert norse, tickets

I got a motel room Tuesday and Wednesday to be sure of making the court apperance Wednesday, and have a place to put my stuff. As it turns out, I really needed a room. I had spent the morning getting my mail and going to Greenway, and it was well into the afternoon by the Continue reading →