Jul 01 2010

June medical marijuana news roundup

Montel lights up Maine medical marijuana conference While Montel Williams cried in pain in Maine because he couldn’t take a few puffs before addressing the medical marijuana conference there, endorsements piled up for California’s Proposition 19 which prohibits marijuana “consumption” in public and “smoking” within sight of anyone under 21 – a prohibition the courts Continue reading →

Mar 28 2010

NORML reaches out and slaps medical marijuana patients

NORML plants a money tree in Times Square Dennis Peron on Prop. 19 & Richard Lee Prop. 19 is not legalization, will set us back at least 4 years See Also: 30 Sep 09 – Peron announces opposition to Oakland’s marijuana initiative 15 Oct 09 – Proposition 215 author announces boycott of Blue Sky medical Continue reading →

Mar 16 2010

Disgusted and Discouraged

Between June of last year and November 27th, I published 40 articles on Examiner.com regarding medical marijuana and the movement. During this time I also connected with a number of people prominent in The Movement through Facebook. Some of them old friends. Then, about December, Examiner.com underwent administrative changes. They were delisted from the Google Continue reading →