Aug 09 2014

Marijuana Stock Wrapup, August 2014

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One thing to note about these marijuana stock indexes (or portfolios) is that while they’re showing significant losses over the past 6 months, they’re showing a good increase from their beginnings.

Jul 24 2009

Selling out the medical marijuana movement

Oaksterdamn U supports Taxing Medicine Oakland’s Measure F Justin Hartfield, who owns, a “medical” marijuana dispensary listing and referral website that pulls down $250,000 per year, told the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal this week that medical marijuana is “a joke” and he lied  to his doctor to get his recommendation. Weedmaps Continue reading →

Jul 20 2009

Tax Prozac, not medical marijuana

In 2001, according to Hollywood today the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the Fortune 500 had profits in excess of the other 490 companies, the majority of this profit being from the SSRIs and the SNRIs.

The average net return for these ten pharmaceutical companies was 18.5% of sales, 16.3% of assets, and 33.2% of shareholders’ equity. The median net return for all other 490 industries in the Fortune 500 was only 3.3% of sales.