Aug 14 2011

Paul Stanford and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012

Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Oregon discusses his history as a marijuana legalization activist, beginning with becoming the NORML coordinator for Washington State in 1982, his association with Jack Herer beginning in 1984, the current state of medical marijuana and the movement in Oregon, and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012.

Aug 07 2011

La Femme D’Argent

All charges against Dennis Peron dismissed Wednesday, August 3rd, one year after the raid. FBI investigation of officers involved continues. Highest radiation levels yet recently detected at Fukushima while government deploys smoke screen. After beginning signature drive, Kubby announces reduction of personal grow limit from 25 to 12 plants.

Mar 13 2011

Michael Jolson discusses CCHHI2012

Michael Jolson of the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative was my guest in the studio. Jolson, with Youth Federation is hoping to get the initiative written by Jack Herer to legalize marijuana on the 2012 ballot in California. You may read the initiative here:

Mar 05 2011

Eve Lentz on Jack Herer

Eve Lentz presents her view of the events culminating in the death of Jack Herer, casting serious doubt on the official version and the care he was given, implying he was murdered.