Jun 05 2011

Dennis Peron and The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative

Officers involved in raid on Dennis Peron under investigation. The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative amended. Paul Stanford cops plea. Undermining the moral highground: the 1st thing NORML and MPP did after Prop. 215 was to give the government the authority to decide who is a legal medical marijuana patient. The prevailing medical paradigm is broken.

Apr 17 2011

1.5 million maniacs waiting to explode

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Canada on Cannabis, dennis peron, gwen olsen, law, politics

Montana governor vetoes legislation to revoke medical marijuana initiative. Pharmaceuticals are the 4th leading cause of death in this country. Comments by Gwen Olsen regarding pharmaceuticals and Dennis Peron regarding the state of the movement.

Dec 07 2010

Just say “No” to Los Angeles medical marijuana tax

Dennis Peron, Richard Eastman, Leland Cole, and David Malmo-Levine declare that taxes on medical marijuana violate both the spirit and the letter of Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

Oct 30 2010

The real debate over California’s Proposition 19

The real debate over California’s marijuana initiative: will it effect California’s current medical marijuana law. Video’s of the Prop. 19 debate at HempCon in Los Angeles. Bill Panzer’s 11th hour email regarding Proposition 19.