Mar 20 2015

Los Angeles Legalization Roundtable

We are about to be ripped off and if we do nothing, we will lose all rights to grow, market or purchase weed from independent growers in our own State.

Mar 04 2011

NORML cultivates division at 2011 California conference, part 2 of 2

Video and notes of the California NORML conference held at Berkeley, 29 Jan 11: quotes by Steph Sherer, Bill Panzer, Allison Margolin, Bruce Margolin, George Mull, Omar Figueroa, Joe Rogoway, and Ryan Landers.

Feb 27 2011

The California NORML “Next Steps” conference at Berkeley, 29 Jan 11

Comments regarding Prop. 19 and the direction of the movement by Steph Sherer, Bill Panzer, John Entwistle, Alison Margolin, Bruce Margolin, Ryan Landers, and others at the NORML California Next Steps conference, 29 Jan 11, Berkeley.