Oct 25 2006

Why I despise Loretta Nall

Posted by J. Craig Canada in bonita millard, loretta nall, marc emery, websites

In response to: Frankly, if you had said the kind of things to ME that the material you posted indicates you said to and about Loretta, I assure you that I would not have been as nice as Loretta appears to have been. I doubt that there is a person reading this who would have Continue reading →

Apr 16 2005

How I got here

A year ago Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving before last) my landlady called the sheriffs and had me raided rather than give me notice. This was in Morongo Valley. It was a particularly malicious and premeditated act. I was put in jail and Lanny came up with $10,000 to bail me out on Thanksgiving day. When I got Continue reading →

Nov 20 2004


It’s been almost a year since my life was ripped apart yet again. Since I tried to talk to Bonita about her giving keys out to people I didn’t even know that gave them access to my apartment. Since she called the sheriffs and told them I was growing marijuana. Since the jail, and the Continue reading →