Jul 01 2008

Hang tight

My first of several trials ended Wednesday with a hung jury. It started Monday and the Jury deliberated longer than the trial. It is my understand we start over from square one this coming Wednesday, just in time for the Fourth of July. After that I have another jury trial for marijuana possession. And after Continue reading →

Jul 08 2007

Not Guilty

That was the verdict on all four counts of sleeping. I didn’t feel very victorious and I suspect that the fact that the ACLU was going to jump on it if I lost had a lot to do with the outcome; that it was a simple cost-benefit analysis. A number of people showed up, which Continue reading →

Jul 13 2006

I’ve had it.

I see I’ve posted since the first. I didn’t remember that and don’t plan on reading it. I don’t generally read anything after I’ve written. Not even my blog to ‘provide continuity’. Tim got my stuff from Coral street last Friday. I saw him today and told me ‘not to worry about it, it was Continue reading →