Jun 04 2012

California Assembly Bill 2312 is a fraud and so is Americans For Safe Access

It appears the result of the Americans for Safe Access lobby at the capital was to double the sin tax a county can charge patients from 2.5% to 5% and to remove the requirement for a vote of the people in order to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in jurisdictions of over 50,000.

Apr 10 2011

Take a Memo

The Haag Memo, The Ogden Memo. Montana legislature to repeal medical marijuana. Prop. 19, taxes, and moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. CBIS announces cure of basal cell carcinoma.

Sep 13 2010

What marijuana lawyers have to say about California’s Proposition 19

“In fact, Proposition 19 appears to be capable of undoing all the work those promoting medical marijuana have done to enable patients to receive their medication without suffering consequences under California’s criminal laws.”

May 26 2010

Sitting in judgement

On April 5th I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Casper Leitch, of Time4Hemp.   He was rather perturbed by an article I’d written on 30 Aug 09 where I cited his show Time for a Tax Revolution. This show came to my attention through an article by Bruce Cain, and I found it notable as the Continue reading →