Oct 11 2011

U.S. Out of California

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With popular support for medical marijuana double that of the president, the Obama administration declares all-out war against the citizens at the behest of Wall Street to protect Big Pharma profit. Sign the petition at We The People to demand the government stop waging war against American citizens to protect pharmaceutical company profits.

Aug 06 2010

Dennis Peron raided in San Francisco

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“Why now?” That is the question everyone is asking since Leland Cole announced yesterday afternoon on Facebook that Dennis Peron had been raided at his home in San Francisco. Peron said that while there were 15 narcs and they battered down 5 doors, they didn’t rough him up. Peron notes that Wednesday was the anniversary of the raid of The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club in 1996.

Jul 09 2010

Two San Diego medical marijuana dispensaries robbed

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Reports are coming in that two medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego were robbed this morning of all their belongings by federal agents. The dispensaries attacked were Green Kross at 3415 Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach and Unified Collective at 2815 Camino Del Rio, San Diego. Southern California NORML and Americans for Safe Access are reported Continue reading →

Sep 13 2009

The 2009 911 Reign of Terror

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Reports continue to come in of federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries up and down the West Coast.

San Diego has been hardest hit. In the midst of the trial of the Operation Green RX defendents, on the heels of the decision by City Council to create yet another task force on medical marijuana, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis went on a rampage.