Jan 15 2010

Medical marijuana and suicide

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Reuters today published an article announcing "Marijuana Use Unlikely to Boost Suicide Risk".  The article, which is a report on a study published in the December Issue of The British Journal of Psychology turns out to be less positive than the headline when it notes that the 10% of the study group that admitted to Continue reading →

Jul 04 2007

For the Sake of The Children

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Someone recently pushed their children into oncoming traffic on the forums, using them to intimidate and bully me. With the corallary insult that I am not fit to be seen by children. Besides the fact that I wasn’t raised in a world of child-proof lighters (and I sure as Hell don’t want to live in Continue reading →

Aug 11 2006

A Crime Against Humanity

For half a century our government has prohibited the most versatile, effective, least toxic medicine on the planet and conducted a with-hunt against its users and suppliers – while forcing sick and dying people at the point of a gun to take dangerous, addictive, toxic synthetic substances which the human body has never encountered in all of evolution, and 90% of which is pissed back into the environment.

Dec 15 2004

Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / No room to grow

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Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / No room to grow EILEEN MCNAMARA No room to grow The Boston GlobeBy Eileen McNamara, Globe ColumnistDecember 15, 2004 Professor Lyle E. Craker teaches his students that what we know of the medicinal benefits of plants comes from tradition, myth, and science and that, of these, science Continue reading →