Jun 25 2012

Letitia Pepper sums up what is wrong with California AB 2312

California AB 2312 purports to allow local governments to ban collectives and to tax cannabis. These provisions are all clearly contrary to Prop. 215, and will lead to litigation, which the State will lose, based on Prop. 215’s status as a People-enacted initiative, as controlling over contrary legislation by the People’s elected officials.

Jun 25 2012

Pebbles Trippet comes out against California AB 2312

Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board urges a No vote on AB 2312. It will not work without the support of the cannabis patient community which has vanished, as the law in numerous ways has been tarnished with undemocratic intolerable impermissible modifications.

Jun 18 2012

ASA letter to the LA City Council is a trick

Posted by J. Craig Canada in business, distribution, law, legalization, politics

ASA makes it sound like there are only TWO choices: a BAN or REGULATIONS that LIMIT COMPETITION to only 100 dispensaries! That’s not true! The only automated ASA e-mail you can send asks the LA City Council to limit dispensaries to 100! That’s BAD for patients!

Oct 11 2011

U.S. Out of California

Posted by J. Craig Canada in business, cultivation, distribution, law, legalization, politics, raids

With popular support for medical marijuana double that of the president, the Obama administration declares all-out war against the citizens at the behest of Wall Street to protect Big Pharma profit. Sign the petition at We The People to demand the government stop waging war against American citizens to protect pharmaceutical company profits.