Jun 27 2009

The marijuana subtext of Rocky & Bullwinkle

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Examiner.com, rocky and bullwinkle

If a moose could have berriesthey would look like marijuana buds. Does anyone remember Rocky and Bullwinkle and friends? When I was growing up, Saturday morning was spent in front of the television watching cartoons, and Rocky & Bullwinkle was one of my favorites.  It was clever, smart, and inspired. Several months ago I found Continue reading →

Feb 06 2009

Santa Cruz Tightens the Screws or Sentience Challenged at The Sentinel

Well, since the last post the City Council has gone forward with more ordinances, such as making it illegal to sit on a bench for more than an hour. At issue are seven proposed measures that would restrict panhandling around public art and directories; limit time on public benches to one hour; stop the sale Continue reading →