Jun 04 2012

California Assembly Bill 2312 is a fraud and so is Americans For Safe Access

It appears the result of the Americans for Safe Access lobby at the capital was to double the sin tax a county can charge patients from 2.5% to 5% and to remove the requirement for a vote of the people in order to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in jurisdictions of over 50,000.

Jul 10 2011

NORML, MPP, & DPA moving the goalpost out of the ballpark

Canadian evicted from public housing for medical marijuana use. National organizations are moving the goalpost out of the ballpark, with deep divisions between national organizations and grass roots in Colorado, San Diego, and elsewhere. Greenberg Quinlan poll shows 31% of those who voted against Prop. 19 support legalization.

Mar 04 2011

NORML cultivates division at 2011 California conference, part 1 of 2

Videos and notes of the California NORML conference held in Berkeley, 29 Jan 11: quotes by Steph Sherer, Bill Panzer, Allison Margolin, Bruce Margolin, George Mull, Omar Figueroa, Joe Rogoway, and Ryan Landers.

Oct 30 2010

The real debate over California’s Proposition 19

The real debate over California’s marijuana initiative: will it effect California’s current medical marijuana law. Video’s of the Prop. 19 debate at HempCon in Los Angeles. Bill Panzer’s 11th hour email regarding Proposition 19.