Sep 30 2011

Marijuana and Wall Street

Posted by J. Craig Canada in business, crime against humanity, politics

The prohibition of marijuana is arguably the greatest crime against humanity in all of history, and the responsibility for this war against the citizens by the government lies squarely with Wall Street. It’s all about corporate greed and government corruption.

Jul 24 2011

Are NORML, MPP, and DPA leading us astray?

Gay roots of medical marijuana movement. Are national organizations really about legalization? Robert Corey proclaims NORML declared hunting season on patients in Colorado, while DPA encourages other states to copy New Jersey’s law. PTSD study announced while antipsychotics, which don’t work, become the top-selling class of drugs in the US.

May 08 2011

Reckless disregard

The trials and tribulations of Roger Mentch, Dale Shafer, Mollie Fry, Roger Cristie, and Dr. J (Jay Canavaugh, PhD).

Aug 11 2006

A Crime Against Humanity

For half a century our government has prohibited the most versatile, effective, least toxic medicine on the planet and conducted a with-hunt against its users and suppliers – while forcing sick and dying people at the point of a gun to take dangerous, addictive, toxic synthetic substances which the human body has never encountered in all of evolution, and 90% of which is pissed back into the environment.