May 18 2012

Attacked and beaten

I was beaten up in the lobby of the building where I live by patrons coming out of the Palomar restaurant on 28 Apr 2012 about 7:30pm. I did not go to the hospital or file charges because the police told me, in the presence of the mayor, that I could not have my medicine (marijuana) there or at the hospital.

Jul 10 2011

NORML, MPP, & DPA moving the goalpost out of the ballpark

Canadian evicted from public housing for medical marijuana use. National organizations are moving the goalpost out of the ballpark, with deep divisions between national organizations and grass roots in Colorado, San Diego, and elsewhere. Greenberg Quinlan poll shows 31% of those who voted against Prop. 19 support legalization.

Jul 03 2011

Obama celebrates Independence Day by declaring war on medical marijuana

Robert Corey states NORML endorsed hunting season on medical marijuana patients at Cannabis Therapy Institute Panel in Colorado. Canada makes it illegal for patients to grow their own and evicts medical marijuana patients from public housing after Mernagh decision declaring government restrictions unconstitutional. Patients told they are banned from subsidized housing in Oregon. Montana judge blocks parts of Montana law.

Jun 26 2011

Barnkey Frank & Ron Paul pitch HR 2306

Barney Frank & Ron Paul introduce legislation that would reschedule or remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act schedule. Is the national strategy putting patients back on the firing line? The Big Lie, Proposition 19 was not legalization.