Feb 18 2009

Serendipity or If you aren’t willing to own your words you ain’t got no business saying them.

I don’t feel like reading my last entry right now but, best I can recall, I mentioned I was being ambushed as moderator on the local newspaper’s forum. Well, the admin decided to abolish the two remaining moderators, and after that had been done I discovered at least one of my posts had been edited, Continue reading →

Dec 05 2005

Is there an angel in the house?

I’m still in the hotel room. I guess I haven’t been able to bring myself to leave. It has been, after all, the 2nd Anniversary of having my life kicked to pieces by Bonita and the San Bernardino Sheriffs. And let’s not forget the courts. This is truly the first time in years I’ve had Continue reading →

Sep 23 2005

Worse than Narcs

Loretta Nall tells a medical marijuana patient that in Alabama one can lose their food stamps if they have internet access and threatens to try to get them disqualified because she doesn’t like what they say on Overgrow.

Aug 25 2005

brief note

I’ve finally got the transcripts of the unlawful detainer trial and appeal and have spent the past week scanning them to put on my website. There’s only four days a week, for four hours a day, I have the use of a computer, and last week two of them were co-opted by the case managaer Continue reading →