Oct 15 2007


Posted by J. Craig Canada in broken tooth, sleep deprivation

From about the 18th of September until yesterday, the 13 of October, I was indoors, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, who repeatedly extended themselves to me, and opened their home to me. I spent the first week (it seems) sleeping. I was so exhausted. I know the first couple of days as soon Continue reading →

Jul 08 2007

Not Guilty

That was the verdict on all four counts of sleeping. I didn’t feel very victorious and I suspect that the fact that the ACLU was going to jump on it if I lost had a lot to do with the outcome; that it was a simple cost-benefit analysis. A number of people showed up, which Continue reading →

May 09 2007

Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been nodding off for a least three days. In the morning. I realized recently I’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation since I’ve been homeless. Even though I eventually became exhausted enough that I could sleep on the concrete, I didn’t get rested. I didn’t get rested sleeping on church floors either. I used to Continue reading →

Feb 12 2007

Still Hangin’ On

I can’t remember here if I mentioned I tilted my accounts or not, but I did. We had a storm coming, a cold one; freezing temperatures and pouring rain for days. And I got a motel room. The thing about getting a room when you’re on the streets is that when you go from that Continue reading →