May 27 2010

Demand For Payment

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Writing is not easy for me.  It is an arduous, time consuming avocation. When I write an article, I generally don’t do anything else until it’s finished.  Most articles take several days.  Some take a week or longer. I began the previous blog entry over a month before I finished it.  Other than a couple Continue reading →

Dec 13 2007

Trail of Tears

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It seems I’ve been on a Trail of Tears all my life. Except, maybe when I was a prepubescent child. I see it’s been since October, almost two months, since I’ve posted. It hasn’t been fun. Thanksgiving was a nightmare. Reservations had been made for me a month in advance for the night before and Continue reading →

Jun 03 2007


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I got a motel room Tuesday, and mostly slept until the hearing on Friday. It took all day Wednesday to get medicine, get my mail, and go to my storage. I got the scanner and the photos and carted them to the motel room, only to discover the photo of Lewis Patterson Allred & family Continue reading →

May 24 2007


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Lifeboat was probably Tallulah’s best movie. I’ve had a bad day. For one thing, I realized I’m probably not going to be able to get a room for my trial because it’s on the Friday after Memorial Day. Even if all the rooms aren’t booked, it will cost a fortune. Check-out time is noon or Continue reading →