May 09 2007

Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been nodding off for a least three days. In the morning. I realized recently I’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation since I’ve been homeless. Even though I eventually became exhausted enough that I could sleep on the concrete, I didn’t get rested. I didn’t get rested sleeping on church floors either. I used to Continue reading →

Jun 16 2006

The Bum’s Rush

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I think it was Monday I went to the Concentration Camp to shower and sign up for laundry, and found myself banned. Murphy engineered it. I suspect to a certainty that Murphy was one of three complaints Marcus said he received when I asked him why I was told I couldn’t leave the lot after Continue reading →

Mar 16 2006

And the moral is?

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It was difficult leaving the motel this morning. I was an hour late getting out. As I was dropping off the key and DSL cable the owner asked me how I was, and without really listening started rattling off about how I was better than she was. She was sick with the flu and had Continue reading →

Feb 25 2006

Down to the seeds and stems…

In Tales of The City ‘Baby Cakes’ at one point says, “I’m down to the seeds and stems…” Well, I know the feeling. The forecast is for rain for about 3 days starting tomorrow or the next day, and I’m flat broke and my credit is extended to the max. I can’t afford a motel Continue reading →