Mar 27 2009

The Right to Be Left Alone or Take Another Pizza My Heart

I spend time chatting in the local forums, and have been stalked for three years there by Winston, currently appearing as Futureshock. Two local attorneys have taken on, pro bono, the case of a couple who have accumulated over 60 citations, almost exclusively for sleeping. The attorneys are Jonathan Gettleman and Mark Briscoe. One of Continue reading →

Apr 18 2007

You Can’t Fight City Hall

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It’s about 4pm and the first chance I’ve had to use the internet. I could have this morning, there was about an hour before Robert’s meeting after I had walked about an hour to town. I did get coffee, but instead watched the coverage of the Virginia Massacre, and the murder of the Baptist Preacher Continue reading →

Mar 17 2007

Putting on aires

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Shortly after I woke up this morning I was barked at. And whoever’s dog it was, they didn’t call it but allowed it to bark at me for about 15 minutes. And then, just before I left maintenance showed up and told me they didn’t want to see me there anymore. I responded that that Continue reading →

Feb 21 2007

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday was pretty slim. I didn’t have enough for coffee this morning. Or cigarettes. I sat on a bench and bummed cigarettes until the library opened. I sat there all day going through the news articles, updating my forum till the 15th. Still another 3,000 or so articles to go through to get it Continue reading →