Jul 18 2009

Santa Cruz Drug Policy Examiner

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While Googling the news for “medical marijuana” I ran across several exceptional articles published on examiner.com and took some time to look over their site. I decided to apply to write for them and ended up as their “Santa Cruz County Drug Policy Examiner”. If you click the title of this entry it should take Continue reading →

Apr 26 2007

Take a letter

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Following is a letter (an email actually) I sent to the Santa Cruz City Council today. RE: Discrimination and Abuse by Greenway and SCPC In short, I had to raise a stink in public to get a discount from Greenway. A 25% discount. I am disabled, my only income is Social Security Disability. I am Continue reading →

Apr 18 2007

You Can’t Fight City Hall

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It’s about 4pm and the first chance I’ve had to use the internet. I could have this morning, there was about an hour before Robert’s meeting after I had walked about an hour to town. I did get coffee, but instead watched the coverage of the Virginia Massacre, and the murder of the Baptist Preacher Continue reading →

Jul 13 2006

I’ve had it.

I see I’ve posted since the first. I didn’t remember that and don’t plan on reading it. I don’t generally read anything after I’ve written. Not even my blog to ‘provide continuity’. Tim got my stuff from Coral street last Friday. I saw him today and told me ‘not to worry about it, it was Continue reading →