Dec 31 2009

Tide betide whate’er betide, Haig shall be Haig of Bemersyde

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According to Scotland Places – Bemersyde consists of a lofty rectangular tower, to which lower, modern extensions have been added to W and E. The original building, which has been a fairly typical Border peel-tower, rises to five storeys and dates from the early 16th century; it was probably built in conformity with the Act Continue reading →

Jan 06 2009

Buried in dead relatives

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I’m only writing this because I vowed to make at least one entry per month, preferably one per week, and I made only one entry in December. This is partly because I was very depressed pretty much throughout the holidays. Heather, who knows of me from my rantings on the local newspaper’s forum, stopped by Continue reading →

Aug 06 2008

Trial by Dunking

“Family lore has it that Katharn was “tried by ordeal” with the dunking stool, and that she was acquited because she obligingly died in witness to her innocence. Some kind of heresy was supposedly the charge. The following year, Richard Garner brought their four-year-old son to Farrar’s Island in Virginia.” She was my 10th ggrandmother Continue reading →

Jun 15 2008


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Sunday is traditionally the day reserved for procrastination. At least in the world I grew up in. Myself, I’ve been procrastinating for several days now. Never mind those who would say I’ve been doing it all my life. I’ve almost finished moving my domain from on host to the other. All that’s left is to Continue reading →