Oct 07 2009


I’ve been pretty harsh on Santa Cruz in my writing over the past couple of years, much of it deserved. But lately I find myself grateful for things such as the backpack I was given some years ago. It is still in excellent shape and is perfect for my laptop. When I found myself homeless Continue reading →

Apr 07 2008

Blessed Seclusion

I’ve been in seclusion since the last post, and before. Generally, I stay in until my throat is parched because there is nothing to drink here but water from the bathroom sink. No ice. And until my blood sugar is bouncing like a yo-yo because I haven’t eaten in 8-10 hours. I live at the Continue reading →

Sep 14 2007


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I got my laptop back September 6th. It finally got to the point I couldn’t use it and the ‘restore’ disks didn’t work. I found my receipts and it turns out it still was under warranty, so I called them. They sent me a box after I told them how it was behaving. Or not Continue reading →

Aug 16 2007

Rip Off

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I still haven’t fixed my computer. I have removed a lot of software and something is still chewing up all my cpu in ‘normal’ mode while every thing works fine in safe mode. HUFF & The Human Rights Organization put on an series of events Sunday culminating in a sleep-in at City Hall. About 20 Continue reading →