Jul 03 2011

Obama celebrates Independence Day by declaring war on medical marijuana


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

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Canada on Cannabis 019, broadcast 3 Jul 11:


0:05 – Colorado, 11 May 11. Notes on Cannabis Therapy Institute Panel These are the same people that asked Dennis Peron to speak in Denver before NORML’s conference there 20 Apr 11. Tim Martin & John Doe radio launched a smear campaign against Peron, calling him a pedophile, with the result that Peron did not go to Denver to speak against Tax & Regulate. Tim Martin & John Doe radio received broadcast rights for NORML’s conference.

0:09 – Robert Corey, “We had our own movement, some elements of our movement against us. The NORML organization… Legislators see NORML as speaking for our entire movement and if that were the case before that is no longer the case with the defeat of this 1261 bill. Not even close. This is a supposedly pro-marijuana organization endorsing a hunting season on medical marijuana patients.”

0:12 – Housing. Canada, Christina Guloch: Legal medical marijuana patient threatened with eviction from tobacco friendly building

0:20 – Canada makes it illegal for patients to grow their own. Canada declares government marijuana restrictions unconstitutional in case brought by Matthew Mernagh: Ontario’s burning pot controversy The Flim-Flam mining disaster. (NORML appears to be collaborating with this effort to take marijuana away from the people. Their support of Prop. 19, and their shameless attacks on the pioneers of this movement are testament to this.)

0:28 – Housing. Oregon, tenants are told they cannot use medical marijuana in subsidized housing: This Bud’s Not For You

0:38 – New developments in Bletko case, Oregon; Hemp & Cannabis Foundation Clinic: Testimony shines light on medical marijuana battle

0:44 – Montana judge blocks implementation of legislation that would have destroyed medical marijuana in Montana: Judge blocks parts of Mont. medical marijuana law “The court is unaware of and has not been shown where any person in any other licensed and lawful industry in Montana — be he a barber, an accountant, a lawyer, or a doctor — who, providing a legal product or service, is denied the right to charge for that service or is limited in the number of people he or she can serve,” Reynolds wrote.

0:58 – Bats in the Belville: Russ Belville, working overtime to divide and fragment the movement.

1:01 – Lawsuit filed to overturn restrictive Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws

1:10 – Wilfred now viewable on Hulu. Worse than I imagined. Ryan is not “suicidally depressed medical marijuana patient”. Ryan is not a medical marijuana patient. Nor is he a suicidally depressed pharmaceutical patient. He tried to OD on sugar pills. America will be laughing at medical marijuana and medical marijuana patients.

1:16 – San Jose limits dispensaries to 10. Currently 100. Each dispensary must grow its own product, which means they will be very large. Holistic Herbal Healers Supports Medical Cannabis Patients of San Jose

1:23 – Obama administration memo, prompted by Oakland’s plan to corner the market in California. Oakland city attorney quit over city council instructing him to draft ordinances authorizing mega-grows. Lamar Smith blocking HR 2306.

1:33 – Federal government has granted 55 marijuana licenses. Meet Your New Pot Dealer: Big Pharma Will feds go after them?

1:37 – Marijuana publicly traded corporations make announcements: CANA, MJNA, CMSI, CBIS, GRNH, EERB. Altitude Organics (EERB) announces significant increase in sales. CBIS announces Dr. cured of cancer 7 times with cannabis. Will feds go after them?

1:40 – Obama memo. LA Times places blame squarely on Oakland, home of Richard Lee, Prop. 19, and Oaksterdamn U. Justice Departments shoots down commercial marijuana cultivation

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