Jul 03 2011

Notes on Cannabis Therapy Institute Conference Denver


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0:13 – Begins

0:20 – “NORML was really very detrimental…NORML doesn’t represent what we think, NORML is selling us out, they don’t even live here…”

0:36 Robert Corey – “We had our own movement, some elements of our movement, against us, the NORML organization…

Legislators see NORML as speaking for our entire movement and if that were the case before that is no longer the case with the defeat of this 1261 bill.  Not even close.  This is a supposedly pro-marijuana organization endorsing a hunting season on medical marijuana patients.”

0:48 – “The Revolution started because they wanted to come into your house, not into your bloodstream”

Edibles bill 1250

1:02 – good things in 1043, but some very very bad things.  Were told 1043 was just about Centers, but now they’re going after ‘caregiver’s.

Some of you are going to benefit from the moratorium.  It’s insidious that some of you want to crush the caregivers under the heel of your boot and eliminate their competition.

1:04 – 1043 revokes residency requirement, limits residency requirement to owners.

1:12 – don’t smoke in the car, the oder will linger with the result you become moving probable cause.

1:18 – under 1284 if there’s any common ownership, one grow can feed multiple centers, can be employed in business if no felony drug convictions for past 5 years.  Most people who know something about growing have a felony conviction, this will open employment to many who were previously barred from the business.

1:23 – as long as a court or a legislature is in session, the law will be changing.  A constent erosion of constitutional right to medical marijuana;  where is the end?  What should not change is the Colorado Constitution, the legislature can’t take that away.  Only the voters.  1284 attempts to amend the Constitution, so does 1043.

1:28 – Colorado is the only state to have state-wide regulation, leading the country, setting the template, the example.  California does not have state-wide regulation.  (Prop. 19 would have engrossed that into law, allow cities and counties to ban commercial cultivation and distribution)

1:33 – 1284 extends moratorium for another year, still life-time ban for drug felons becoming licensees.  Appears Robert Corey takes exception to impact of 1284 on employment of people with drug felonies.

SCR001 the super-majority to end the constitution

1:38 – Colorado is unique in that it requires only 50% for a consitutional initiative, most states require 60%

1:41 – Specifically targeting medical marijuana.  If it had been law in 2000 Colorado’s medical marijuana law would not have passed.  It says if initiative was passed prior to 2012 it can be repealed by a 51% majority – puts medical marijuana law in the crosshairs.  Corey believes SCR001 has been killed.

The legislature never would have legalized medical marijuana.  The only way we could have got it is by initiative.

1:53 – Packaging must be ‘significantly difficult’ for a 5-year-old to open, but not for a ‘normal’ person.  And what about a 60-year-old with arthiritis?  Also, product cannot be visible through package.

1:57 – To date no one in Colorado has won a judgement for compensation for medicine destroyed by law enforcement.

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