Jun 19 2011

One toke over the line


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

Sundays, 6-8pm Pacific on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM.

Listen Live Online: http://www.freakradio.org/listen.html Call-In: (831) 427-3772

Canada on Cannabis 017, broadcast 19 Jun 11:


Moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. Fed up with NORML & MPP. The dirt on Kubby.

0:06 – Lawrence Welk declares “One Toke Over The Line” a modern spirtual, endorses religious use of marijuana: http://youtu.be/m054a82StVQ

0:15 – Religious use of cannabis, “throwing religious use and medical marijuana under the bus”: http://youtu.be/m054a82StVQ

0:41 – California is the only state with a medical marijuana law that puts the decision of who may legally be a patient with the doctor (or patient) than with the government. Are marijuana smokers getting fed up with NORML and MPP? Would you like to hear the media quote representatives of American Alliance for Medical Cannabis and Patients Out of Time rather than NORML and MPP.

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