Jun 12 2011

NORML throws Roger Christie to the lions.


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

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Canada on Cannabis 016, broadcast 12 Jun 11:


0:08 – The California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative: www.cchhi2012.org

0:13 – Growing Division in Marijuana Movement, Roger Christie dissed by NORML and Russ Belville, Chris Bennett PO’d. NORML Throws Religious Cannabis Users to the Lions – Chris Bennett, 20 Nov 10

0:17 – Dispensaries firebombed (30 Apr 11 – http://www.ktvu.com/video/27737276/index.html) and robbed (7 Jun 11 – http://www.mercurynews.com/politics-government/ci_18224332?nclick_check=1) in Santa Cruz.

0:22 – MPP undermining medical marijuana in Colorado? “The regulations herein Colorado are coming to California. The NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) is working with the state government and is backed by Soros. They are asking Matt Cook to go there. If California patients don’t react soon you will see the most draconian rules to date implemented within your state: my Facebook wall | 12 Jun 11

0:44 – The prevailing medical paridigm is broken.

1:00 – Erosion or sabotage of medical marijuana law since Prop. 215?

1:05 – Steph Sherer video, 29 Jan 11, Berkeley NORML conference: “The legalization movement did not make marijuana a medicine. Even though you might have thought of it as a strategy toward legalization, the legalization movement did not make marijuana a medicine.”

1:13 – Michigan jury convicts 70 year old woman for pot possession, 7 Jun 11 | Reason Magazine: http://reason.com/blog/2011/06/07/michigan-jury-convicts-70-year

1:17 “Why the marijuana rennainsance is here to stay”, Lester Grinspoon, 31 May 11: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/151151/why_the_marijuana_renaissance_is_here_to_stay

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