Jun 05 2011

Dennis Peron and The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative


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Canada on Cannabis 015, broadcast 5 Jun 11:


Officers involved in raid on Dennis Peron under investigation. The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative amended.

0:06 – Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative amended. Removed HROs: http://ag.ca.gov/cms_attachments/initiatives/pdfs/i942_11-0011_a1s.pdf

0:09 – Do you really want to tax marijuana for more government and more police? To bail out the nuclear industry?

0:13 – Dennis Peron on trial for child porn.

0:40 – The prevailing medical paradigm is broken, The 1st medical marijuana club in the United States: http://youtu.be/fk-DsZR6vq4

0:50 – Paul Stanford cops plea.

1:00 – Prop. 215 contains the word “affordable”!

1:10 – The 1st thing NORML & MPP did to sabotage medical marijuana was give the government the right to decide who was eligible to be a medical marijuana patient. California is the only state that has not given the government the right to determine which conditions qualify for treatment with marijuana.

1:19 – Tax & Regulate prononents undermine the moral highground of medical marijuana.

1:20 – The amended Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative will amend Prop. 215 to limit medical patients to 25 plants or 12 pounds per adult per year. Meanwhile, Kubby claimed 185 for his personal medical use when he was raided.

1:35 – Michael Jolson, Dan Cooper, Eric Rogers pitch for CCHHI 2012.

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