Jun 26 2011

Barnkey Frank & Ron Paul pitch HR 2306


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

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Canada on Cannabis 018, broadcast 26 Jun 11:


0:09 – Fire at the Palomar, single-room-occupancy residence hotel in Santa Cruz

0:15 – Facebook floods newsfeed with junk. Better Facebook takes junk out of newsfeed.

0:17 – Five things every medical marijuana patient in Colorado should know – 420 Times | 25 Jun 11: Part of a national strategy? Putting patients back on the firing-line?

0:23 – HR 2306, Barney Frank & Ron Paul. Could Paul and Frank’s Bill Spell an End to Federal Law Against Marijuana? – Salem-News | 24 Jun 11 Lamar Smith blocking passage out of committee. HR 2306 is said to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) Schedule. Recreational use cannot be legal while marijuana is on the CSA schedule. On the other hand, unless it is somewhere on that schedule marijuana does not meet the definition of “prescription medication” and therefore is subject to sales and excise tax. In California, herbs sold as food are not taxed. Whereas, herbs sold with medical claims are taxed.

0:44 – The true meaning of ‘One toke over the line’.

0:50 – Marijuana smokers fed up with NORML & MPP, a cry from Colorado: The big lie: Proposition 19 was not “legalization”, moving the goal post out of the ballpark.

1:15 – Trial opens window on medical marijuana darkside – San Francisco Examiner, 24 Jun 11

1:28 – Steph Sherer “The medicalization of marijuana has opened some room for the legalization of marijuana … However, the legalization movement did not make marijuana a medicine.” “As an industry, those of you that are asking for taxation, it’s crazy. It’s absolutely insane.”

1:34 – “Wilfred” http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/wilfred/

1:48 – Montel Williams in hot water for not paying growers.

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