Jun 26 2011

Barnkey Frank & Ron Paul pitch HR 2306

Barney Frank & Ron Paul introduce legislation that would reschedule or remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act schedule. Is the national strategy putting patients back on the firing line? The Big Lie, Proposition 19 was not legalization.

Jun 19 2011

One toke over the line

Lawrence Welk declares One Toke Over The Line a modern spiritual. Moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. Fed up with NORML & MPP. The dirt on Kubby.

Jun 12 2011

NORML throws Roger Christie to the lions.

Growing division in the marijuana legalization movement. NORML throws Roger Christie to the lions. National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) undermining medical marijuana in Colorado.

Jun 09 2011

Taking stock

Well, my teeth are fixed, I know what I have and I don’t have, my life is all sorted out, my past neatly filed and packed away, so I suppose, as much as I dread it, it’s time to get back to writing one scathing diatribe after another on the leadership of the marijuana movement and where they’re taking it.