May 15 2011

Out of the shadows, the view from Australia


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

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Canada on Cannabis 012, broadcast 15 May 11:

Mark Heinrich discusses the state of The Movement in Australia

0:07 – Cannabis Science (CBIS) press releases regarding cure for basal cell carcinoma

0:20 – Interview with Mark Heinrich from Canberra, recently hosted Dr. Robert Melamede during Nimbin Mardi-Grass

0:24 – Tony Bower, aboriginal medicine man, prescribing tinctures for some time.

0:28 – Patient reports doctor is baffled that cancer is gone.

0:34 – The situation in in Australia, “a state of reefer madness”. Tony Bower conducting clinical trials through the “therapuetic goods” department, which is their equivalent of the FDA.

0:53 – Legal status, while penalites can be quite harsh, a noblisse oblige attitude towards medical use for some people in some cases.

0:57 – Change of law in Australia that allows Sativex also allows local production of tincture. Tony Bower (Mulawe Medical Cannabis) has a license from the government to distribute tinctures. New Zealand has essentially decriminalized. After Christchurch earthquake lads from Auckland packed up a truck and distributed cannabis at Christchurch.

1:04 – Nimbin, MardiGrass, biggest marijuana festival in hemisphere, focus on visibility, coming out of the shadows.

1:26 – The thrust in Australia is to bring cannabis out of the shadows, with a focus on appropriate health; no guarantee of healthcare in Australia constitution, not in keeping with the United Nations charter of human rights.

1:30 – Henrich is on the Nimbin Mardi-Grass organizing committee. Just before Mardi-Grass, 3 Australian law enforcement started the first LEAP chapter in Australia. The lesson learned from North America is that we have to stand up and get out of the shadows. The Nimbin Hemp Embassy is the primary organization in Australia.

1:44 – Since 1 in 10 Australians have skin cancer, a major focus for Australia will be that cannabis cures skin cancer.

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