May 29 2011

When you own all the horses in a race

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Canada on Cannabis, law, legalization, letitia pepper, politics, tax

Letitia Pepper, Southern California Director of Legal and Legislative Analysis for Crusaders for Patients Rights on The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative and the lawsuit she filed against the San Bernardino County California ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

May 22 2011

Divide and Conquer: a national strategy?

The Colorado Cannabis Alliance (CARE) and accuse the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance of sabotaging their efforts. A growing division between the national organizations and the grass roots.

May 15 2011

Out of the shadows, the view from Australia

Interview with Mark Henrick of the Nimbin Mardi-Grass and Hemp Embassy. Henrick discusses the state of the movement in Australia, the cure of basil cell carcinoma using a topical cannabis application, and the work of Tony Bower, and aboriginal medicine man.

May 08 2011

Reckless disregard

The trials and tribulations of Roger Mentch, Dale Shafer, Mollie Fry, Roger Cristie, and Dr. J (Jay Canavaugh, PhD).