Apr 17 2011

1.5 million maniacs waiting to explode

Posted by J. Craig Canada in Canada on Cannabis, dennis peron, gwen olsen, law, politics

Montana governor vetoes legislation to revoke medical marijuana initiative. Pharmaceuticals are the 4th leading cause of death in this country. Comments by Gwen Olsen regarding pharmaceuticals and Dennis Peron regarding the state of the movement.

Apr 10 2011

Take a Memo

The Haag Memo, The Ogden Memo. Montana legislature to repeal medical marijuana. Prop. 19, taxes, and moving the goalpost out of the ballpark. CBIS announces cure of basal cell carcinoma.

Apr 03 2011

Taking the ‘medical’ out of marijuana

MJNA up 400%. California NORML ‘Next Steps’ conference Los Angeles: Dale Sky Clare Jones claims the proponents of Prop. 19 had nothing to do with taxing medicine.