Mar 20 2011

Phytoremediation, raids, taxes, and yellow journalism


Canada on Cannabis – The show that believes the prohibition of marijuana is a crime against humanity

A somewhat different view of marijuana, medical marijuana, and the marijuana anti-prohibition movement.

Sundays, 6-8pm Pacific on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM.

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Canada on Cannabis 004, broadcast 20 Mar 11:

Only streamed online as the transmitter was knocked out by the storm Saturday night.

Phytoremediation: should they plant hemp around Fukushima? Russ Belville publishes a provocative article. Berkland predicts major quake on Fox BUSINESS News between March 19th & 26th.

Raids: massive federal raids occur in Montana, West Hollywood, San Jose, and elsewhere. 26 dispensaries raided in Montana.

Housing: Obama administration releases memo regarding housing to Denver organization.

Tax & Regulate: Paul Stanford and Steve DeAngelo under investigation. Lynette Shaw files suit.

Scotts Valley: bans dispensaries.

Grace Farm Pilot: Mike Boutin releases pilot for Grace Farms, see palmspringsbum on facebook.

Legalization: John Hoeffel libels opponents of Prop. 19 in the L.A. Times.

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